With luxury student accommodation in the heart of Madrid, we are often asked by prospective Collegiate residents about the merits of studying abroad in the city. Students from across the world choose the Spanish capital as their place of study, but just what is it that attracts people to the region?

As part of a series of guides to this fantastic student city, we look at eight reasons we think choosing to study in Madrid is a very prudent move indeed…

University of Madrid

At the top of any list of reasons to study anywhere in the world, should of course be the universities. This is the very reason you are moving away from home in order to study for your degree and Madrid has some of the best you will find anywhere in Spain.

Complutense University of Madrid, or just University of Madrid as it is more commonly referred to is both historic and innovative and was established way back in 1293. So, if a university steeped in heritage which is still famous for intricate research is what you are looking for, you don’t need to look much further than Madrid.

Learn the Spanish language

If you are looking to study abroad, Madrid is a great choice as there is no better way to immerse yourself in the Spanish language. If you are heading there to study Spanish itself, then being plunged into the heart of Madrid’s biggest city will most probably provide the boost you need, and you will return home having experienced the essence of Spain. Very few students looking to learn a language come back from living in the country itself disappointed, so if this is your goal the decision to study abroad in Madrid will be a very wise decision indeed.

Madrid culture

In terms of culture, cities around Europe don’t come much richer than Madrid. One of the oldest cities on the continent, there is so much for you to stick your teeth into when choosing to study in Madrid. The student community in the city is diverse and international, offering you the opportunity to study with like-minded intellectuals and explore a region that has so much to offer. The Erasmus exchange programme has had a profound effect on the region and means that sampling Madrid’s culture alongside studies, has become a popular choice for students across the world.

Sport In Madrid

We simply love sports in Spain and the capital is a great example of this. You only need to look at our football teams of Real and Atletico Madrid, both of which feature prominently in the Champions League to see how serious we take sports and indeed, how successful they are. But there are all sorts of other sports you can enjoy when studying abroad in Madrid, from hockey and netball to handball and all manner of athletics. All our universities have world class facilities, so if you are a sports fan and want to stay in shape throughout your studies, Madrid is again an excellent choice.

Superb transport links

Another excellent reason to consider Madrid as your place of study, is the excellent transport links with other Spanish cities and indeed, the rest of Europe and beyond. The 0-mile marker at Puerta Del Sol in the heart of the city, is the hub of the Spanish highways and allows you to travel to any area you would like with ease. From here you can get to other Spanish destinations such as Malaga and Barcelona and you can take the AVE train to do in less than three hours. So, when studying in Madrid you will be able to offer all that Spain has to offer as well!

Heart of Spanish fashion

Unsurprising as the capital, many class Madrid as the heartbeat of Spanish fashion. In fact, all off the very best clothes companies in the city get together once a year to put on the Mercedes-Benz fashion week and this is enjoyed by fashionistas and students alike who celebrate the very latest in trends. The likes of Custo Barcelona and Dr. Fourquet put on exhibitions and this often turns into a great party, just an example of some of the culture one can experience when studying in Madrid.

Madrid is student friendly

A crucial factor to consider when looking for the perfect student city, is how welcome students actually are and this is something Madrid prides itself on. Madrid’s local residents and the councils appreciate the huge boost that students provide for the city and as such, you will be given a warm welcome to the city. Whether you are on campus, at the libraries, the museums or out enjoying some wine and tapas, you are always likely to feel at home in Madrid.

Typical Spanish climate

We tried, but we just couldn’t do it. Compiling a guide to the merits of studying in Madrid just has to mention the weather as it is just so great. If you have spent significant time in Madrid in the past, then you are likely to be aware that the city enjoys some of the best conditions in the country, which attracts many to the region. It allows you to enjoy the great outdoors all year around and although temperatures can drop in the evening compared to some of the coastal regions of Spain, this can offer some refreshing respite from the heat. If you love sunny weather, then you should most certainly be considering Madrid as your place of study.