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City Guides
mejores bares de tapas Madrid

Find the best tapas bars and dishes in Madrid

30th September 2021

Whether you visit the city with a digital SLR in hand or take quick snaps on your smartphone,…
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tomar las mejores fotos en madrid

Discover where to take the best photos of Madrid | Hunt the best snapshots in town

28th September 2021

Whether you visit the city with a digital SLR in hand or take quick snaps on your smartphone,…
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trabajar la asertividad

The tools and techniques you need to be more assertive

26th August 2021

Assertiveness is more than a fashionable term in the world of work and, especially, among managers and leaders.…
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mejores calas de Valencia

The best coves in Valencia | Our top locations

12th August 2021

The Valencian coast offers corners of great beauty that can be enjoyed even when the calendar has already…
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ganar autoconfianza y seguridad

Achieving self-confidence | Tips to increase it at university

22nd July 2021

To get to university you have had to leave behind a momentous time in your life, which is…
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planes verano en Madrid

Summer is coming! | Plans to do in Madrid in summer in 2021

8th July 2021

In this post we reveal some interesting plans to do in Madrid during the summer season, take good…
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dieta para estudiantes

Diet for students | Essential foods during exam time

30th June 2021

We give you some recipes for college students, as well as other more general tips. To do this,…
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living in valencia

Living in Valencia: pros and cons

28th June 2021

As in any other city, you can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of residing here. Take note…
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vivir madrid pros contras

What is it like to live in Madrid?

1st June 2021

Madrid is a very attractive city for tourism. But what is it really like to live in Madrid?…
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vivir madrid

Plans to enjoy in Madrid on your own

13th May 2021

We hope that these six plans to enjoy in Madrid alone have been tempting!
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excursions madrid

6 Excursions in Madrid you can do without leaving the community

22nd April 2021

If you are looking for a quick and close getaway, do not miss the excursions in Madrid that…
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planes originales

7 fun, original plans in Madrid with friends, partners and family

8th April 2021

Looking for fun experiences in the capital? Get to know the best original plans in Madrid and enjoy…
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