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What is the best option for student accommodation in Madrid?

11th June 2020

Are you wondering which student accommodation in Madrid suits you best? Discover your options!
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5 Tips for choosing your student residence in Madrid

11th June 2020

Tips and information about Student accommodation in Madrid. First hand advice and factors you should consider.
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How to host the perfect Spanish dinner party

25th October 2019

If you’re studying in Spain and want to impress your friends with your newfound cultural culinary skills, why…
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Top 5 markets in Valencia

18th October 2019

There’s no better weekend activity in Spain than grabbing a morning café con leche in the sun and…
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Top museums in Madrid for students

11th October 2019

As one of Spain’s cultural hotspots, there are hundreds of amazing places to see in Madrid, including some…
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Are you experiencing mental health issues at university?

4th October 2019

Although university can be the best time of your life, it doesn’t come without its challenges. With assignment…
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Where to take your family when they come to visit you in Valencia

27th September 2019

Valencia is a fantastic destination for any type of traveller; with foodies, party-goers, architecture enthusiasts and culture vultures…
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Where to take your family when they come to visit Madrid

20th September 2019

Madrid is a busy, exciting city to live in, with adventure around every corner. If you’re lucky enough…
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Top 5 things every foreign student should know in Spain

13th September 2019

Famous for its beautiful cities, scenic coasts, melodious language and rich culture, it’s no wonder Spain is a…
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The true student experience in Valencia

6th September 2019

One of Spain’s many popular cities, Valencia has plenty of prospects for students looking for a fantastic university…
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Top 5 online resources to learn Spanish

30th August 2019

You’ll have many exciting opportunities at uni, including the chance to study abroad. If you’re one of those…
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Where to find the best street art in Madrid

23rd August 2019

The lively and vibrant capital of Spain, Madrid certainly dazzles when it comes to culture. Students looking for…
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