Getting accepted to your preferred university is one challenge, but once you have achieved this it is ever so important to ensure that you make absolutely everything you can of the experience. Your university will have all sorts of facilities for you to take advantage of and all of these are designed to ensure you fulfil your potential and not only get the grades you deserve, but also go on to forge a successful career once you graduate.

In the latest student advice article from Collegiate, we examine the best ways for you to do just that and make sure you leave your time at university in Spain, having achieved everything you possibly can.

Make the most of your tutor

Remember that your tutor isn’t just there to set you assignments and mark your work, they have a wealth of experience in helping students just like you to fulfil their potential. They have superior knowledge in your subject matter but just how a degree course works and crucially, how to get the very best grades.

With this in mind, it makes sense to use them as much as you can during your time at university, as you could be missing out on a wealth of information if you don’t.

Study collaboratively with your peers

Now, we’re not encouraging you to copy your friends and ultimately all of your written work and exams should be completed yourself, but don’t be scared to study on a peer to peer basis.

This means studying in the library, on campus or even in your student residence together and ensuring you all understand your notes together; this can come in really handy during intense periods of revision and study as it means you can bounce ideas off each other. If there is a concept or theme you don’t quite understand, you can always ask your friends what they think as the chances are you will be able to return the favour at some point.

Utilise your university’s library

Although we have an abundance of information at our fingertips via the internet, don’t forget what is available to you at your university library. In addition to all the textbooks, which are often still the best resources for many topics, there will also be university computers available too.

If your student accommodation isn’t the best place for you to get your head down and concentrate, then this could well be the best place for you to make some real progress. These facilities and services are there for your use and even enjoyment, so get your money’s worth and be sure to use all of the equipment your university has provided for you.

Overall, we urge you to simply make the very most you can out of your university experience. These few years will fly by so although you should enjoy yourself, be aware that this is when it really matters academically. Use all the personnel and facilities you possibly can and work hard when it matters, and we have no doubt you will leave feeling accomplished and ultimately, qualified.

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