Since 1973, IE University has offered its students, teachers and all those who are part of its academic community, a learning environment that provides a personal transformation which allows them to shape the world.

IE University is a university aimed at students who perceive learning as a way of life and are open-minded to a transformation in the higher education system.

The unique learning environment offered by IE University has a global university community, with a personalised business experience and a strong working environment, which is open to the world. IE values all people, ideas and approaches.

Every year IE reaches an average of 130 different nationalities.

The IE is based on the following fundamental pillars:

  • Cultures and ideas
  • IE promotes diversity as a key element that guarantees a unique learning experience.
  • Student’s, graduates and professors from more than 160 countries, from different cultures and backgrounds in favor of an ecosystem rich in visions and ideas.

Business mentality

IE promotes entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial ecosystem to support its students and graduates in the launch and development of new companies around the world.

Humanities to understand the world

IE considers that the Humanities is a key element to understand the world with a global vision and critical thinking.

Technological immersion and innovative culture

IE is committed to innovation and immersion in technology capable of facing the challenges posed by digital transformation.

Collegiate Aravaca Madrid offers IE students a residence that goes above and beyond their needs. Thanks to its excellent location, it is no more than a 30-minute journey from the student accommodation to the university.

It boasts excellent studios with private bathroom and an equipped kitchen, with superb facilities such as gym, roof terrace, cinema, games room, dining room and library. Helping to make your university experience the best memory of your life.