Valencia is Spain’s third biggest city and a location which is unsurprisingly teeming with attractions suitable for tourists and students alike.

If you are currently considering the region for your degree course, read on for a comprehensive guide on the best things to do in Valencia.

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Things to do in Valencia

Whether you are visiting or living in Valencia, the first of our dedicated guides from the experts here at Collegiate ES is here to help you make the best choices from the extensive selection of attractions on offer in this vibrant city.

Valencia Bioparc

All the enjoyment of a zoo without any of the cruelty concerns! The Bioparc is a Zoo situated in Valencia which is well and truly in the 21st century. Not content with just allowing visitors to see a vast array of creatures from around the world and all housed ethically, the venue looks to emulate the animals’ exact ecosystems.

The Savannah, Madagascar and even Equatorial Africa are all mimicked at this zoo, meaning you can see all of your favourite animals in as close as it is possible to get to their natural habitat.

Location: Avenida Pío Baroja 3

Contact Info: 00 34 902 250340

Opening Hours: 10am-9pm

Price: €23.80 adults, €18 children

Turia Gardens

Until 1950, The Turia River flowed through the city of Valencia but unfortunately, flooding saw it diverted away in the interests of safety. Although this has been a great loss to the city, a stunning park has been constructed on the site of the river bed and one can find locals here every day, running and cycling though the serene surroundings.

If you visit Turia Gardens, you may wish to hire a bike so you can do the same or perhaps even a tandem if you are heading there with a friend. ValenciaBikes are one such vendor from which you can hire bikes and tandems but there are others available, just take a look online prior to your visit.

Central Market

As is the case with many Spanish cities, Valencia has a beautiful market quite aptly named as Central Market, and you guessed it; it’s right in the centre of the city. These markets are quintessentially Spanish and this is surely one of the best in the country with no less than 1,000 stalls which are jam packed with the very best local produce.

This market was constructed in the 1920’s but is showing no signs of ageing as it attracts visitors from far and wide every single day. There are stained glass mosaics to admire scattered around Central Market and the locals will always urge you to try the fresh orange juice available outside, as this is probably the best you will find in Spain; outside of Seville of course.

Address:                       Plaza Del Mercado

Contact Info:                00 34 963 829100

Opening Hours:             Monday – Saturday (7am-3pm)

Price:                           Free Entry

Valencia Museum of Fine Arts

Also known as the Museo de Bellas Artes, this museum is regarded as one of the most important in Spain and is at the top of most locals’ lists of what to do in Valencia. This museum doesn’t really shout about its exhibitions as they like to be discreet and they most probably don’t want thousands of tourists descending on their 17th century listed building.

As Valencia attractions go, this one is definitely on the elegant side and has collections of paintings dating back as far as the 14th century. You will find work here from such notable artists as Velázquez and El Greco and your guides will be able to talk you through just what some of this art means to Spanish culture.

Address:                       San Pío V

Contact Info:                00 34 963 870300

Opening Hours:             Tuesday – Sunday (10am – 8pm)

Price:                           Free Entry

These Valencian attractions should be a great start to your time in this fantastic part of the world and there is of course a whole lot more to enjoy. Should you be on the hunt for some luxury student accommodation for your time in the city, why not take a look at what we have available right here in Valencia at Collegiate Marina Real.

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