U-TAD is a university that focuses on training future leaders of the digital world.

It is focused on working in real work environments so that experience and learning will be applicable in the future. It combines the international experience of its founders with the union that exists between the community of students and teachers and its inexhaustible source of innovation.

At U-TAD, they allow their students to learn in a real work environment. Practicing with real projects and working hand in hand with the technology of successful international companies and professionals has been proven to work exceptionally well.

Among all the highlights of this university is the investment made in the future of its students, because they consider it the only way to turn effort into prestige.

Its values ​​as an institution are the following:

  • Global vision: U-tad works to provide training in the value chain processes inherent in the digital economy.
  • Technological innovation: The result of the constant investigation of new techniques and technological applications in the classroom and in the subjects taught.
  • Entrepreneur: Support and facilitate the ideas of students become real projects.
  • Academic excellence: Promote quality education and excellent teaching so that students become the best professionals and future leaders of the digital economy.


It is located in a residential area with a large influx of students, this is because some of the best universities are grouped in this area, creating an ideal student environment and giving the area a youthful touch, which will undoubtedly encourage study.


If you decide that U-TAD is your university for the great educational offer and for the quality of its offer, as well as the development in innovation that it carries out. You will also find the Collegiate Aravaca student residence of your interest, the place to complete your university stage and feel at home.

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If you are not yet sure of your specific branch, you can check out the university page: https://www.u-tad.com/en/