CUNEF, or Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieroshas has more than 40 years experience in undergraduate and postgraduate university education adapted to the needs of today’s competitive business environment. These years of experience are a reflection of its history and its ability as an academic institution.

The programs it runs have been obtaining a greater degree of recognition over the years within the variety of academic fields it covers. The wide range of postgraduate programs allows each student to be chosen according and to the specialty that most interests them, suiting their personal and professional expectations.

The purpose of this institution is to train competent students within the sector to which they dedicate themselves, giving them the ability to excel in the workplace by developing professional careers that come to the fore.

CUNEF has a professional faculty which combines a long and successful professional experience with a proven pedagogical and research capacity.

At both CUNEF and Collegiate, we know the importance of the international arena, which is why it has a wide network of international collaborating universities.

If you are interested in studying at CUNEF you can consult all its academic offer at the following link:

Collegiate meets CUNEF

Collegiate Aravaca Madrid offers students of CUNEF not only the most superior, but the most luxurious option in university accommodation in Madrid.

Collegiate’s Aravaca Madrid accommodation is just 40 minutes by public transport from CUNEF and only 15 minutes by car. In addition to a short commute to your place of study, Collegiate offers a vast range of excellent facilities. These facilities include a room with a kitchen and a private en-suite shower room, an on-site cinema, fitness facilities, bookable dinner party room, lounge club, library, stunning rooftop and magnificent communal areas. These elements make for unforgettable university experience.

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