Flatshare or private student halls? It’s a decision that most students will need to make at least once during their time at university and one that has many pros and cons depending on what you decide.

The best option for you will largely depend on what you are looking for, how you like to live and exactly what you are looking to get from your university experience, but we have put together another handy Collegiate student advice guide, focus on why we think private halls are your best choice (yes we’re biased!).

If you perform a Google search for flat share in Madrid or similar terms, you will be presented with a list of fairly low-quality accommodation options. Of course, you will find a handful of nice apartments or flats, but you really wouldn’t know what you are getting until you arrive for a viewing or even move in.

On the other hand, with purpose-built student accommodation such as the Collegiate residences in Madrid and Valencia, you can see exactly what you will be getting online (videos, images, virtual tours), and get the added peace of mind that rents are all-inclusive with no hidden extras down the line.


The Argument For Private Student Halls


A huge benefit of purpose-built student accommodation is that you are in complete control over your living space. Not only do you get complete privacy, particularly when choosing a studio apartment, but you can make the space your home the way you like it.

The perks of living without the added stress that can often come with having to share communal kitchens and bathrooms (where you have no control over vital aspects such as cleanliness and noise levels) are absolutely priceless -, especially during exam season.


Added Features & Facilities


Most reputable and modern private student halls will also offer a range of added features and facilities that will enhance your time studying in cities such as Madrid or Valencia substantially.

For example, our student residence Collegiate Aravaca Madrid includes some exceptional on-site facilities, which you simply would not get when living in a shared apartment or house:


  • Private fitness suite
  • Games area
  • Private study & library
  • Dinner party room
  • On-site cinema
  • Residents’ lounge
  • Outdoor terrace
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Laundry room
  • Weekly calendar of exclusive events for residents


All this and much much more is usually included in your rent when opting for private halls over a flat share. Security, in particular, may well help your friends and family to rest easy if you are moving to the city from another part of Spain or perhaps, beyond.


Avoid Over Zealous Landlords


An extra benefit of choosing purpose-built student halls such as Collegiate is the peace of mind of avoiding less than reputable landlords. Wherever you are studying, you risk vague contracts and not recouping your deposits when choosing cheaper properties or shared houses.

With established and professional companies, the contracts and rent agreements are clear and simple to understand and as long you respect your accommodation, you will experience no such problems.


Organise Your Finances


As we have already touched on, all of your monthly outgoings will usually be included in your rent when choosing private halls. This will make it very easy for you to organise your finances and know exactly what your disposable income is each month, allowing you to determine just what you can spend on socialising, textbooks or however else you like to unwind away from campus.

What’s more, a simple comparison between rents for private halls and rents in a shared apartment (plus the additional fees for the above-added features and facilities) makes it clear that private halls are the financially sound choice.


Find Out More About Collegiate’s Private Halls


As you can see, the reasons for choosing modern private halls over a flat share or more frugal options are pretty compelling. There are all sorts of other benefits too and you can find out more, watch videos and even make an enquiry online right here on the Collegiate website.


We have residences available in Madrid and Valencia so if you’re coming to study in one of these cities, check us out!


If you’re looking for more resources about studying in Spain, then why not take a look through the rest of our advice section?