In September we threw exclusive welcome parties for our residents at the Aravaca Madrid and Marina Real student residences.

Aravaca Madrid

On September 7th we celebrated the first welcome party for our residents at our Collegiate Aravaca Madrid student accommodation.

 Everything was perfectly prepared, right down to the smallest details. Welcome packs were provided upon arrival at reception, which included, cloth tote bags, ballpoint pens, bottles of Alumninio and luxurious Moleskin notebooks. We take this opportunity to identify elderly and underage residents to take care of responsible alcohol consumption during the party.

After the initial meeting at reception, we headed to the rooftop where there was a variety of entertainment waiting for our excited residents. A lively DJ, exquisite food, a bar filled with products from our partner Mahou and even more surprises awaited our guests.

We felt at this point it was important to introduce our amazing staff to our residents, Triana, Tomás, Blanca and Elena. They were also given the opportunity to meet with one of our partners, Fercho.

To add to the excitement of the evening we had a surprise visit from the well-known influencer, Marta Pombo, who came to talk and take photos with some of our residents.

We hope everyone had a great time at the welcome party and enjoyed celebrating the wonderful afternoon together. We made memories that we will remember forever, and this is only the beginning. Are you ready for a Collegiate year full of surprises?

Marina Real Valencia

On September 20th we celebrated with our Collegiate Marina Real residents in Valencia.

 Everything was perfectly prepared, right down to the smallest details, with thanks to our collaborating friends at We enjoyed delicious non-alcoholic cocktails, which tasted like they had come straight from some of the best cocktail bars in down town San Francisco, or SOHO in London.

Site manager, Guillermo Rodriguez and our partner Fercho presented to guests, including them in activities so they were able to meet each other and make new friends. As a surprise we hid a chest and multiple keys in the common areas of the residence for our guests to find- however it did not take them long to find the winning key and receive double cinema tickets as a reward.

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon celebrating with drinks, friends and great music. We made some unforgettable memories, and this is only just the beginning. Are you ready for a year full of surprises? What will be the next surprise?