The decision to study abroad in Spain is one that more and more students are making, for a number of reasons. The ever-impressive performance of the Universities in Spain, the attractive climate and the facilities available here have meant that more international students are considering Spain for their year abroad or even the entirety of their degree.

If you are currently pondering whether or not Spain is right for you, then there will be a number of questions on your mind. What’s it like to study in the country, how good are the universities; these are questions we will be looking to answer for you in the latest student news article from Collegiate Spain.

Top universities in Spain for 2018

The first consideration for any student looking to decide on a location, should of course be the calibre of the universities and institutions. Although lifestyle should play a big part in your decision, ultimately, it’s going to come down to how your degree is going to look to potential employers when the time comes to start applying for jobs. Thankfully, Spain has some stellar Universities dotted all around the country.

According to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, the best for 2018 are:

  • Pompeu Fabra University
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • University of Barcelona
  • University of Navarra
  • Autonomous University of Madrid

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be considering the other great universities in Spain for international students; there are 71 other universities to choose from and, depending on your chosen subject or course, these may be more suitable options. However, in terms of performance for the more classic degree subjects these are the five universities that fared best during the last academic year. These institutions make studying in Spain a prudent move for any international students looking to embrace a new culture.

Other reasons to study abroad In Spain

Other than Spain’s excellent universities, what other reasons are there to study abroad in Spain?

Multicultural environment

Wherever you choose to study in Spain, whether it be in the two main cities of Madrid or Barcelona or perhaps somewhere such as Valencia, you will be heading to a very diverse and multicultural part of the world.

The country attracts millions of visitors every year that far exceeds its population and you will be exposing yourself to this diversity should you decide to study there. This can be great for a young person as it is character building and also allows you to meet all sorts of new people, who could well help to enhance your career at a later date.

Versatile Lifestyle

Studying in Spain as an international student means getting to know the versatile Spanish lifestyle. When choosing a university in one of Spain’s larger cities, you will enjoy the hustle and bustle that you associate with western Europe and the southern European ethos of relaxation and taking everything in your stride.

It’s fair to say that Spaniards make an effort to really enjoy life. From taking siestas, to spending hours with one another over a meal, you’ll learn to slow yourself down, stop stressing, and take time to enjoy your study abroad experience.

Learn Spanish

If you’re a Spanish language student or have just always wanted to become fluent in Spain, then there’s nothing better than to surround yourself with the language and bring your language practice from the classroom into the real world.

Castilian Spanish is the standard Spanish-language used in European media and is commonly spoken in the Northern and Central regions in particular. But you might also be able to learn about Catalan, Galician and other regional variants to build a broader understanding of the Spanish language and how it changes in different regions. 

History & Culture

There is much to explore across Spain – from the Pyrenees to the coastal towns. Did you know it is the country with the third-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Only Italy and China can trump this.

By opting to study in Spain as an international student you are choosing a nation steeped in history. Visit the vast array of plazas, museums and art galleries, spend time at the beach and in the countryside, and discover Spanish food at quirky restaurants. There is so much heritage and legacy, and by completing at least some of your degree here you are really getting to know Spanish history and culture.

This will be a great signal to future employers, especially if you are looking to enter a career path that favour bilingualism and a tendency to travel. Indeed, a degree from any of the above universities will look fantastic and you will no doubt return to your country of origin enriched and with some fantastic stories to tell.

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