Making the decision to study away from home, whether you’re coming from abroad or another town in Spain, is a big one and there’ll be many unknowns to navigate before you can make the move to your new university town. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is choosing where to live and you’ll most commonly have the choice of living in a rented flat or a student residence, such as Collegiate.

If you’re coming to study in Valencia, congratulations! You can look forward to living in a gorgeous coastal city with a buzzing atmosphere. Even better, there are plenty of student accommodation options available, and we just want to give you a little insight into what life is like at Collegiate Marina Real – we are much more than your average student residence!

Collegiate student accommodation is synonymous with elegance and luxury, while providing a safe home-from-home environment for our residents. You don’t even have to worry about the little nagging issues you face when sharing a flat, such as bills and sorting out the internet – peace of mind comes as standard. So, let us show you what makes Collegiate student accommodation so special!

1. Small deposit

Choosing to live in a Collegiate accommodation means you don’t have to worry about forking out a lot of money just to secure your room. Our reservation deposit is just €250, which you pay when you make the initial room booking. That’s it – you don’t have to pay one or two months’ rent in advance as a deposit or go through the hassle of reference checks. Easy!

2. Communal spaces and facilities

Collegiate Marina Real: Luxurious student accommodation in Valencia, Spain

In a shared flat, you can hang out with your friends or watch TV in your own room or in the living room. We think students deserve more, so we have designed inspired social spaces for our residents to relax with friends after a long day of study. At Collegiate Marina Real, you’ll be spoiled for choice: Watch a film in our on-site cinema, jam out in one of our music rooms, soak up the sun on our roof terraces, take a dip in our swimming pool, or work up a sweat in our private fitness suite – our incredible facilities are yours to use as you wish.

And when it’s time to hit the books, our peaceful library and private study room are perfect for solo study or collaborative working sessions. What more could you want?

3. All-inclusive rents

We all hate that time of the month when the bills come in, what a shock! When you choose to live in Collegiate accommodation, you don’t have to worry about bills as it’s all included in your rent – from the electricity you use to charge your phone to the broadband or Wi-Fi you use to browse the net.

4. Safety & security

Collegiate Marina Real: Luxurious student accommodation in Valencia, Spain

When moving away to university, safety and security is one of the most important aspects that should be looked for in your new home. Many private rented flats aren’t located centrally and without adequate security features. At Collegiate, our residents’ safety is highly considered, which is why we have an advanced security system with CCTV, key card access and 24-hour staff presence. This is why your parents will want you to live here when you study in Valencia – peace of mind!

5. Socialising

Co-living can be hard sometimes, especially when you have to worry about your common areas being kept clean or others respecting your personal space. At Collegiate Marina Real, this is one less thing to think about. You can use all the social spaces and collaborate with others in our care. Plus, there are 349 new friends in your residence – an immense social network to draw on in the real world. Sometimes all you need is a bit of time with friends, music and a dinner to share. Plus, you have a pool and sun terraces all in the same building without any extra charges. And when you need some alone time, your studio provides a peaceful environment to focus.

6. The best events at Collegiate

Living on a student budget can be tough, and often there’s not much left for events. The great thing about living in a Collegiate residence is that you’ll have a calendar of events to participate in, from cooking shows, to exhibitions, yoga classes and more. Everything you need to make your life full, right on your doorstep.

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