Studying in Valencia is a decision that more and more students across Spain are making every single year. Although Madrid and Barcelona have been the more fashionable choices over the years, Spain’s third largest city is home to several prestigious universities and, perhaps more crucially, it’s rather beautiful, too!

We know that’s not necessarily going to convince you to study there so, here at Collegiate Spain, we’ve put together some of the best reasons team to study in Valencia.

University of Valencia

At the top of any reason to study in in this beautiful city is of course the University of Valencia, which has one of the best reputations in Spain. The quality of your education is obviously paramount and you can rest assured that when attending this university, you will leave with a degree that is recognised around the country and indeed, across the globe.

The university is actually one of the oldest surviving educational institutions in Spain having been founded back in 1499 and has more than 50,000 students today. Courses are of course offered in Spanish but you can find some delivered in the local tongue of Valencian, making the university quite unique.

Valencia Old Town – Ciutat Vella

Valencia’s Cuitat Vella (or ‘Old Town’) in the city centre is one of the most beautiful you will find anywhere in the country and perfect to take in some of the city’s history. In fact, Citutat Vella is regarded as one of the prettiest of Valencia’s 19 districts you’ll find some of the city’s best shops, museums, markets, restaurants and bars here.

A must see is the La Lonja de la Seda, Valencia’s historic Silk Exchange, which is one of the most fascinating attractions to visit in Valencia.

Exquisite beaches

We don’t have to tell you that the beaches here in Spain are amazing – so it comes as no surprise that they get a mention in our guide to studying in Valencia. The beaches here in Valencia are simply incredibly and really add to the lure of studying here.

It has actually been proven that living by the sea can have a positive impact on your psyche and helps you to relax, making it simply perfect for your degree. The University of Valencia is just a short walk from the beach, as is our luxury student accommodation at Marina Real, which is simply perfect for relaxing after an arduous day of lectures and seminars.

Valencian cuisine

Much like the rest of Spain, the food here in Valencia is delectable and the locals are very proud of their twists on Tapas classics. Some believe that Valencia is the “spiritual home of Paella” and whether or not this is true, the selection you get in the city is unreal.

You may also want to try Esgarreat and Fideua too. The former is a tasty mixture of fresh cod, olive oil and grilled peppers and the latter is like a stupidly tasty seafood noodle dish. Both are excellent, and we can guarantee that should you decide to study in Valencia, you will eat like a king or queen.

Food fights 

On the subject of food, another great reason to study in Valencia is La Tomatina. This takes place in a district of Valencia called Bunol every August and is regarded by many to be the world’s biggest food fight, consisting of tomatoes unsurprisingly.

The food fight takes place in honour of the town’s two patron saints and should not be missed, but get involved early as there are limited participants for obvious health and safety reasons.

Fascinating history & culture

It must be pretty obvious by now, but our final reason to study in Valencia is the fascinating history and culture that exists here. Although you are off to university to get a degree and help your career get off to the best possible start, why not do this somewhere that is teeming with culture and heritage?

Here in Spain, we’re lucky enough to have an abundance of great towns and cities for students and visitors alike, but we really can’t recommend Valencia enough.

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