Are you considering working while studying at university? In this article, we will provide the top tips in order to maintain your social life while also managing your time between work and university life.


What are the benefits of working part-time as a student?


Your career – as much as your degree is an important element in your career, the more work experience you can add to your CV the more chance you have in standing out from the crowd during an interview process. Your university degree is the icing on the cake to get you on the right path to success, but so is experience in a workplace.


Gaining transferable skills – You will gain some valuable core skills like teamwork, time management, communication and organisation. These skills are crucial for any job that you get when it comes to choosing your job after university.


You’ve got the time – Some university schedules are more demanding than others so or if you are the type of student who stays on top of your coursework and you have some spare time during the week then working part-time is the perfect time filler.


Money – Whether you’re trying to save money to pay off your student loan, to go on holiday or for your future, every little helps.


Networking and making friends –

Sometimes it’s not all about what you know but also who you know. It’s so easy to be stuck in that university bubble but it’s also just as important to experience the outside world too. Meeting and learning from different cultures and experiences are what makes you become adaptable to different work environments in the future.


How to balance working while at university 


University life can be quite stressful at times and it’s important to remember to have a healthy balance. Adding working into the mix may prove to be a little challenging but following these tips will help you along the way:


Be realistic – if your university degree is very demanding, you need to make sure that your work life won’t intervene with your studies. At the end of the day you are a student and what matters most is your university degree.


Organise your time – keep track of deadlines, and key dates whether it’s for university or for socialising as you still want to experience/enjoy that university life. We recommend keeping a diary or using a calendar, the more visual the better.


TLC – University is full of late nights whether it’s for the last-minute revision cramming or partying until the early hours of the morning but adding a part-time job can get you run down if your body is constantly in over-drive. Make sure you treat yourself to some me time.


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