Thousands of Spanish students will be currently pondering their university choices as exam season comes to a close and they start to look forward to a much-deserved summer holiday.

With over 70 universities scattered across what is one of the vastest countries on the continent , there are plenty of reasons for students in Spain to be very excited about what lies ahead.

As part of a series of guides designed to give students in Spain all the vital information they need to make an informed decision about their futures, we highlight the top five reasons to attend university in Spain.

Universities in Spain

The first consideration for any student, should of course be the universities and these are of the very highest quality in Spain. As a nation, we take education and academia very seriously and as such, there are many great institutions for you to choose from in Barcelona , Madrid , Valencia and even beyond.

Here in Spain, we have an impressive 29 universities that are classed as “top ranked”. This is based on a mixture of Times Higher Education Ranking, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking, the QS Rankings and the Best Global Universities Rankings.

You can see the top ten performers for 2018 and as you can see, cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia feature pretty frequently. Luckily, we have exciting new Collegiate properties available in all three of these fantastic locations, providing you with the perfect home-away-from-home while at university here in Spain.

Spanish culture

Spanish culture is one of the most distinctive cultures in the whole of Europe and we think it’s perfectly suited to modern student life.

We enjoy some of the finest weather in Europe and the cuisine, tendency to siesta, countryside and of course, the great selection of wines and beers available, make Spain pretty much perfect for the student lifestyle .

Tapas, Rioja Wine, San Miguel and Estrella Damm all emanate from this part of the world, as you will be well aware and not many students locations across Europe can boast such an impressive standard of cuisine.

Enhance your skillset

If you are pondering an application to one of the top universities in Spain, then one huge advantage is obviously the significant impact this is going to have on your character and indeed, your CV. The aforementioned Spanish universities are of such quality that they are recognised across the globe and this will only bolster your chances of landing a great job in the future.

With more and more courses becoming available at a host of institutions across the country, choosing to study in a city such as Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid really is becoming a no brainer.

Sporting heritage

If you are a sports fan or even looking to attend one of the many universities in Spain to study a sports related course, then attending a university here in Spain couldn’t really be a more attractive proposition.

We are intensely passionate about sports and in particular, football. Even part time football fans will have heard of the likes of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF and Valencia CF and these teams really encapsulate what sport means to our great nation.

Doorway to the world

Spain is regarded by many to be the doorway from Europe to many fascinating parts of the world. You can of course get to many of Europe’s other hotspots from Spain very easily such as Paris, Lisbon or Rome but there is also North Africa just a relative stone’s throw away.

So, if you find yourself with a few days or weeks to kill, studying here in Spain could allow you to explore parts of the world you hadn’t previously considered. Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt are just a few but we will leave that for you to decide, as the world is your oyster.

Explore Spain with Collegiate accommodation

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