You may or may not be aware that here at Collegiate ES, we now offers premium student accommodation in three amazing locations across Spain.  But why are our properties the best you will find anywhere in the country? This is what we examine in the latest blog post here at the Collegiate ES website.

If you enjoy the finer things in life, then our accommodation is most certainly for you. We understand that time away at university in Spain, whether this is in Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia, should be defined as time studying for your degree and out and about exploring any of these superb student locations. That is why we pull out all of the stops to ensure you have absolutely everything you need at your luxury accommodation; so you can get on with the more important things in life.

What to expect from Collegiate accommodation

Although some of our properties across Spain inevitably differ, they all stand for the same thing and that is style and sophistication. Our Prestige Collection of student accommodation feature everything one would expect from a luxury residence and that little bit more, all of this is designed to allow you to feel like you are really getting the most out of your university experience in Spain.


Looking good and feeling good is a key aspect of student life and our Barcelona accommodation as well as selected properties across our other locations will allow you to do just that.

We have taken the liberty of installing private gyms at many of our properties which will allow you to work out and blow off some steam without having to leave your accommodation; this could be ever so useful should you be short of time before or after lectures.

Add to this a games room, free wi-fi and a student accommodation in Madrid you can be really proud, which you can enjoy staying fit, surfing the web and relaxing with your housemates.


Something else that we believe to be second to none at Collegiate accommodation across Spain, is the entertainment options available. From our projection rooms and private cinemas to our residents’ bar, we have everything the modern student needs and this is before you have even stepped foot in your luxury apartment.

You can also take advantage of the unrivalled Spanish climate when choosing Collegiate for your student accommodation. We have sun terraces installed at sites across Madrid and with exciting plans for similar properties in Barcelona, meaning that a trip to the beach isn’t always necessary if you are looking to do some reading or revision in the sun.

Study in style

Aside from all of these fantastic extra features at Collegiate sites across the country, we also recognise that you are of course here to study and as such, all our properties are kitted out with the very best facilities for doing just that. Our private study rooms and libraries mean that you can mix socialising, browsing the web and enjoying our games rooms with serious study. If you need to get away from it all and really knuckle down to some serious reading or research, then our accommodation is simply perfect.

State of the art security

Finally, when all is said and done, the most vital aspect of any student accommodation is of course your security. Your parents and loved ones will of course be keen to know that you are safe and sound when you are away at university, whether you are in Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia; this is guaranteed at any Collegiate accommodation.

Although the likelihood is that this will never be needed, with 24 hour video surveillance and high-tech access control, your safety is ensured. We think this rounds off our luxury properties across Spain superbly as we offer the most comprehensive, modern and sophisticated student accommodation you are likely to find, which will mean you can make the most of your time away studying for your degree.

Hopefully this gives you all the information you need to see that Collegiate does indeed offer some of the best available in Spain, but you can find out more by reading about the Collegiate Experience here at the Collegiate site.

You can also see exactly which properties are available in our three Spanish locations at the moment and of course, more student news guides just like these.

If for whatever reason, you can’t find the information you are after then why not give us a call on +34 911 455 175.