If you have chosen to study in Valencia, then chances are that one of the key reasons is the rich musical culture in the city. Spain has been at the forefront of Latino music and guitar playing for centuries so it should come as little surprise to learn that the country’s third biggest city has a plethora of music and guitar shops for budding student musicians to choose from.

Whether you’re looking to join a band or simply jam with your buddies, the choice is fantastic, and we have put together the following quickfire guide for you to choose from when looking for the ideal music instrument store.


Parreño Luthier Guitars 

As we have mentioned, the music shops around the city of Valencia are aplenty but none come as prestigious as Ruben Parreño’s shop in Alboraya. Just a twenty-minute cycle from our Marina Real residence, or an hour’s walk, this shop has been at the epicentre of Valencia’s burgeoning music scene since 1979. Fusing flamenco and classic styles, Ruben makes the majority of his guitars himself and offers a guarantee of quality as a result. You can find out more about his awesome creations by heading to parrenoguitars.com.


Stringsfield Guitars 

In contrast to Parreño Luthier Guitars, Stringsfield’s is more of a music superstore in Valencia which offers everything from guitars and amplifiers to strings and accessories. A bit of a less personal approach, but these guys are likely to have everything you need when kitting yourself or your band out for the year ahead.

Located on Los Pedrones, the store is again just a short journey from our Collegiate student accommodation in the city and their website is also awesome, allowing you to buy pretty much anything and everything you need online. You can see their selection right here.


UME Guillem Castro – Unión Musical 

Our third suggestion when looking for musical supplies in Valencia is Unión Musical on Carrer de Guillem de Castro. Another that is very accessible from our award-winning student property in Valencia, these guys pride themselves on their customer service and wide range of musical instruments suitable for all genres and styles. As is standard in the industry, their site gives you a great glimpse of what they have available, but why not head to their store to see their equipment in all its glory and have a chat to an expert about your musical needs.


Discover more reasons to study in Valencia with Collegiate

With musical events running throughout the year in Valencia, there are all sorts of reasons to study in this fantastic part of Spain. At Collegiate, we are not only committed to bringing you acclaimed student accommodation, but also all the information you need to make the most out of your experience.

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