University is likely to be the busiest and most hectic time you have experienced in your young life so far. Unless you are a mature student, the mix of lectures, sports, a part-time job and your social life is pretty much non-stop.

For these reasons, staying in touch with your loved ones back home is often easier said than done. Balancing a hectic schedule and finding the time to call your parents or friends is tricky, to say the least, but there are a few tricks and tips that can help you to tackle this common student dilemma.


Use Your Reading Week Wisely 

Although reading week is meant to be for what the name itself suggests, few dedicate it purely to academic pursuit. It can be only to easy to treat it as a week off and spend it out and about with your friends or putting some extra shifts in. Use it wisely however and you could find some time to spend with your loved ones, without it eating into your study time or busy social schedule.

By heading back home for reading week you can actually kill two birds with one stone and benefit your studies as well as finding some time to see your family and friends. Reading week is designed to give you time to get stuck into your textbooks and coursework and you may well find this a lot easier back at the family home, rather than with the distractions you often find in your student accommodation.


Utilise Social Media

You will rarely hear a student advice article extolling the virtues of social media, but in this instance, you can use it to your benefit. Today’s generation tends not to opt for a lengthy phone conversation but a call on WhatsApp, Facebook or FaceTime doesn’t seem to feel like such a palaver and can be a great way to let your loved ones know you are okay.

The family relationship is just as, if not more important as the new ones you are building at university, so why not put some time in the diary every week to give your loved ones a quick call on your social media platform of choice. If your older relatives aren’t that familiar with these sites, this could be a great way to introduce them to the world of technology.


Living with Collegiate in Spain

Staying in touch with loved ones is one of the many reasons you should go to university in Spain. Although you have left home to study in a foreign country in order to spread your wings and embrace a new culture, maintaining good contact with your friends and family can help to keep morale up when your studies intensify and also reassure those at home that you’re okay.

Another is to choose acclaimed and award-winning student accommodation such as Collegiate. Our properties complement student life in Spain superbly due to our incredible facilities, proximity to local universities and attractions and security and maintenance standards. Living in luxurious surroundings will really help during those homesick moments and our private study spaces will also allow you to get the peace and quiet you need at critical times.


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