Moving can be a daunting task, especially when it’s your first time living away from home, or your first time moving back. When picking a courier service, Spain is the best country to look in if you’re moving items to and from the area. On top of this, a good courier service is a must-have for relieving the pressure from a big move. Your belongings are important and having home comforts with you while you study abroad can make a big difference to your anxiety level and therefore performance. To help relieve some of that stress, we’ve broken down some of the best courier services in Spain so that you can focus on the things that matter. 


Familiar faces are everything and DHL is a well-established international shipping service that is sure to both deliver to and from your country of residence. DHL will deliver straight to your door in Spain and if you want to send any packages back, you only need to find a local drop off point. In most cases, this company will work exactly the same as it does at home and as such a large business, it’s more likely they’ll be able to communicate in your preferred language. DHL charges shipping costs by weight, as well as by distance, so the cost will vary depending on what you need. If in doubt, use the website to get a free quote.


If you’re based in Europe, a European courier service may be cheaper than the standard international options. Eurosender provides a door-to-door courier service for anywhere in Spain and to almost any destination in Europe. You will need to book this service online, rather than relying on a physical drop-off point, however, this does mean less of a hassle to move the items yourself. Eurosender offers services for both shipping to Spain and from Spain and, like DHL, price by weight. 


Wherever you’re based, intercourier sorts through various options for shipping to and from Spain for you – and finds the cheapest option to ship your belongings with. Packing boxes isn’t all you have to worry about when shipping, this company also charges by weight and size so it’s extra important to give accurate measurements. Unlike the other courier services on the list, this company also transports less common cargo- such as pets and biological products.


Before booking the best courier service for you, remember that Spain may have different customs than you’re used to. Double-check that the postcode of your residence is correct before sending any packages, as it may work in a way you don’t expect. Typically, there are two delivery attempts, after which the parcel is stored with the local depot and has to be collected. There may also be some duties and taxes certain items have to pay if arriving from outside the European Union, so make sure to keep up to date with these. 


Discover more about the preparations you need to make before studying in Spain in our advice section, where we post handy guides and resources so students know exactly what to expect when they arrive. If you haven’t sorted out accommodation yet, it’s especially important to know where you’re shipping your belongings before you set out to do so. Our distinguished student residences are fully equipped to help you live the best student lifestyle you can. Contact us now to arrange a viewing of our Madrid or Valencia locations.