If you are currently studying in Madrid, then you may well have noticed that the culture in Spain’s capital is somewhat different to what we are used to here in the UK. Although some of the best nightclubs in the country are in Madrid, it isn’t all about the clubbing scene and there is actually a range of different ways you can experience New Years.

In the latest installment of our ever-popular student advice section, we take a look at some of the best places for students to celebrate New Year in Madrid.

New Year’s eve traditions 

Before you decide how and where you will celebrate New Year in Madrid, let’s first talk about the customs and traditions you will find there. As a foreign student in the city, you may be just starting to get to grips with the Spanish culture and there is one tradition in particular which could stand you in good stead should you be celebrating with the locals.

Be sure to celebrate at your chosen New Year’s Eve party by eating twelve grapes, one for each gong and of course, each prosperous month you can look forward to during the forthcoming year. This is definitely best done at Puerta del Sol where revelers and students alike pack out the square and enjoy plenty of cava with the backdrop of the old city hall and its famous clock. This is how to do a New Year’s Eve Party in Madrid like the locals do.


Cook a civilized dinner 

If heading out and about into the metropolis isn’t really your thing, and you tend to enjoy a quiet evening for new year, then luckily for you this is a popular choice in Madrid too. Student life is hectic, so should you decide to stay in the capital for New Year with your friends, a traditional Spanish banquet could be the perfect way to see in a prosperous New Year. Many of the city’s more prominent restaurants shut for the night, leaving many to fends for themselves when it comes to food so this could be the perfect chance for you to show of your culinary skills to your peers.

The great thing about this option is that should you decide you do want to head out a street party or nightclub later on, the option is always there. Classic Spanish fayre on such a night includes prawns, a fresh fish dish or lamb followed by turrón – a great local desert that will most probably remind you of nougat.

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