As the academic year draws to a close, there will be thousands of students across Spain wondering what they can get up to during the summer months. Whether you’re an international student who has decided to stay for the summer or a Spanish student who has decided to stay in their halls, there are all sorts you can do to get the most out of our great nation until September arrives and you find yourself back in lectures and seminars.

With outstanding student accommodation in both of Spain’s predominant student cities of Madrid and Valencia, there isn’t much we don’t know about the very best attractions and activities Spain has to offer. As such, we have duly decided to compile them for you in our latest student advice piece here at Collegiate.


1. Head To Ronda

Now this one isn’t for the faint-hearted as regardless of whether you study in Valencia or Madrid, Ronda is quite a trek. However, if you want to go on a worthwhile road trip with your friends this summer and see one of Spain’s more intriguing attractions, then Ronda is simply the perfect place to visit.

Aside from the mountain city’s quintessential cobbled streets, you can see for yourself a jaw-dropping bridge that has been built to join the two sides of Ronda. Legend has it that the Gods split the city as the two sides spent too much time bickering, but the architecture is unlikely to have been seen anywhere else in Europe. The journey will be unforgettable and provide you with memories that will stay with you forever.


2. Palacio de Cibeles 

A fantastic day out for any Aravaca residents is the Palacio de Cibeles. You are highly likely to have at least passed this building during your time studying in Madrid, but why not take some time during your summer break to really explore this incredible attraction?

There are always interesting exhibitions on at the Palacio de Cibeles and you could even grab some lunch on the eighth-floor terrace, which offers some outstanding views of the Madrid skyline, the best some would say.


3. Head to Turia Gardens

This is another, that if you have been staying at our Marina Real residence in Valencia, you are likely to have seen or certainly heard about during the academic year. The summer months, however, represent the perfect time to go and enjoy Turia Gardens in all their glory.

A former river until the 1950s, when the government saw fit to drain it and prevent potential floods, the area has been transformed into a thing of beauty. The river bed is now a gorgeous park which is used by locals for running, skateboarding, relaxing and cycling; the summer period is inevitably when the park is at its most stunning.


4. Take a Dip in the Public Baths 

Wherever you are in the world, the summer invariably means some sort of outdoor swimming, particularly if you’re living in a warm climate. Whether you are in Madrid or Valencia, your options are pretty vast, but we particularly recommend the following outdoor pools.

Madrid can experience some quite sweltering temperatures during the summer months and there is no better feeling than dipping into a pool such as the one you will find at Lago in the Casa de Campo complex. You will find queues at the weekend, but head down mid-week and you should find yourself with plenty of space to enjoy Madrid’s most popular lido.

Piscina Parque del Oeste
Valencia in the summer months is pretty similar to Madrid apart from being coastal. This means that although temperatures are very similar, it can feel a lot breezier and more bearable than the capital. There are still plenty of outdoor pools to enjoy though should you decide not to opt for the sea itself, such as the Piscina Parque del Oeste which has daytime events and night parties, catering for families and also students looking for a bit of a livelier vibe.


5. Enjoy The Verbenas 

Summer in Madrid is pretty much defined by its three local fiestas, called verbenas. These begin in August and the city is transformed by outdoor stalls, colourful décor and of course a festival of food and music. The largest is La Paloma which takes place between 12th and 15th of August and gets things going in the typical Spanish style, absolutely perfect for any students staying in the Spanish capital during the summer.


6. Valencia’s Bioparc 

No summer in Valencia would be complete without a trip to the zoo and the Bioparc is very much a zoo with a difference. This attraction offers the creatures a habitat that is as close as possible to the real thing and the experts there have been careful to emulate their near exact ecosystems. From the Savannah to the forests of Madagascar, you will find so many different natural wildernesses covered at this zoo and you can get up close with animals ranging from gorillas to meerkats. A great day out in the sun in Valencia!


7. Madrid’s Incredible Pride 

Madrid is proud to have one of the biggest and best pride festivals in the world and this takes place right in the middle of summertime between the end of June and start of July. As a welcoming and inclusive as one would imagine from a Pride festival in a progressive capital city, the LGBT parade and concerts take over the city and are a perfect way to enjoy your summertime in Madrid.


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